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Wide range of beers, spirits and soft drinks are available from the bar 


Chenin Dry, Les Anges, France
Light and dry with a honeyed aroma.
175ml £4.10 / 250ml £5.90 / Bottle £15.90

Pinot Grigio, Nagyrede, Hungary
A great version of this popular wine, slightly off dry, light but full of flavour.
175ml £4.10 / 250ml £5.90 / Bottle £15.90

Mavida Chardonnay, Chile
Intense aroma of fresh tropical fruits and a touch of butter. This is a fruity well balanced wine with a long aftertaste.
175ml £4.60 / 250ml £6.60 / Bottle £17.50

La Villa Real Sauvignon, La Mancha, Spain
A dry, and lively wine with a powerful nose. It has an uncommon aroma blending the fragrance of boxwood, blackcurrant and passion fruit.
175ml £4.60 / 250ml £6.60 / Bottle £17.50

Viognier Chardonnay, Les Gousses, Southern France
A deliciously peachy white wine from these two classic grapes grown in southern France.
175ml £5.30 / 250ml £7.50 / Bottle £20.00

Gravel and Loam Sauvignon, Marlborough, New Zealand
Crisp and elegant with strong flavours of passionfruit and the cleansing acidity of grapefruit. The flavours are intense and mouth-filling.
Bottle £23.90

Grüner Veltliner, Weinwurms, Austria
A dry, bright version of Austria’s most popular grape.
Bottle £23.90

Albarino, Linar de Vides, Rias Baixas, Spain
Grown in the north of Spain where it is much cooler this is a dry white with flavours of green apple and good minerality. The wine to have with fish, especially shellfish.
Bottle £29.00

Gavi di Gavi, Morgassi Superiore, Piemonte, Italy
A full bodied white with a beautiful long finish and plenty of character. This version from Morgassi is a truly marvellous bottle.
Bottle £32.00

Petit Chablis, Domaine des Mauperthuis, Burgundy, France
An incredible small producers Chablis. Concentrated with a good crisp bite. Arguably the best expression of Chardonnay in the world.
Bottle £36.00


Merlot, Chevalier Georges, Southern France
A Merlot made with great finesse, giving soft fruit tones with depth and body from a quality French producer.
175ml £4.10 / 250ml £5.90 / Bottle £15.90

Conradie Pinotage, Nuy Valley, South Africa
Ruby coloured, medium bodied with fruity nose and a lively, smooth balanced palate.
175ml £4.70 / 250ml £6.70 / Bottle £17.90

Malbec Elegance, Castan, Southern France
This 100% Malbec is a beautiful example of harmony between succulent ripe fruits and velvet smooth tannins.
175ml £5.00 / 250ml £7.20 / Bottle £19.00

Bella View Shiraz, South Australia
Prominent and complex aromas of dark cherry, mocha and plum. Full bodied flavours of spiced bramble, plum, cranberry conserve with toasty mocha nuances.
175ml £5.20 / 250ml £7.40 / Bottle £19.50

Mavida Merlot Reserva, Chile
A rich full flavoured wine crafted from the finest grapes, it has intense fresh fruit flavours and balanced acidity with gentle oak aromas.
Bottle £21.00

Vina Hermosa Seleccion, Rioja, Spain
A fine soft Rioja with traditional vanilla overtones from the American oak in which it has been aged.
Bottle £22.50

Passion 4 Cabernet Sauvignon, Lujan de Cuyo, Argentina
Packed with robust pure fruit this wine has restrained oak ageing. It has intense and complex blackfruit flavours with wonderfully balanced soft tannins.
Bottle £24.50

Valpolicella Classico, Lenotti, Veneto, Italy
This wine is full bodied with an intense, fine, fragrant and delicately ethereal bouquet with a hint of bitter almonds that reflect in the dry and full bodied velvety flavours.
Bottle £29.00

Brouilly Voujon, Domaine Ruet, Beaujolais, France
An excellent Beaujolais, made from old Gamay vines producing a voluptuous, deep purple wine.
Bottle £32.00

Chateauneuf du Pape, Les Garrigues de Pierrefeu, Rhone, France
Strong red fruit flavours, with hints of spice and wood, from a fine small producer
Bottle £32.00


Stallions Leap Zinfandel Rosé, California, USA
A sweeter style of rosé with plenty of flavours of strawberry, made in this popular style.
175ml £4.10 / 250ml £5.90 / Bottle £15.90

Finesse Syrah Grenache Rosé, Castan, Southern France
A delicate dry Rosé with strawberries and raspberries on the nose and a good balanced flavour on the palate.
175ml £4.10 / 250ml £5.90 / Bottle £15.90


Champagne Joly Brut, France
From the family’s own vineyard an outstanding dry, full flavoured Champagne.
Bottle £39.90

House Prosecco Spumante, Italy
Dry intensely aromatic and crisp, bringing to mind yellow apple, pear, white peach and apriot.
Bottle £21.00

Prosecco Tallero Spumante 200ml, Italy
Perfect if you fancy a glass or two of fizz.
Bottle £7.90

Pinot Rosé Spumante 200ml, Le Contesse, Italy
Beautiful light Italian pink fizz. A refreshing sparkling wine to compliment any sunny day.
Bottle £8.50


Two shots of pure espresso with hot water, milk or cream

One or two shots of espresso with steamed, frothed milk

Large milky coffee with one or two shots of espresso

Espresso (very strong)
Two shots of pure espresso crema

Flat White (very strong)
2 shots of pure espresso in a 8oz cup with steamed milk

Hot Chocolate
Fair trade chocolate, made with steamed milk

Liqueur Coffees
Selection of coffees served with your favourite liqueur
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